An Interview With the Designer & Founder

1.Who is Sophie Jaworski?

"An adventurer...Always ready to pack and go discover new horizons. I also consider myself to be a passionate business adventurer, always ready for the next challenge."

2.What's your favorite city?

"Venice, Italy was my favorite for so many years, still is but also Portofino..."

3.What do you love the most about being a designer?

"To start all over each season."

4.What is the one thing you love about your brand?

"That every day I create, that every day I win new battles, and that every day I try my best to grow more."

5.What is the most challenging thing about being a designer?

"I have to say the same, to start all over each season!"

6.How about being a mom?

"It is the best thing that ever happened to me..."

7.What Is the best thing you like about being a mom?

"To spend time with my daughter, to talk with her, and to take her on the weekends to explore New York."

8.Sophie, prints or solids? Buttons or zippers? Pink or purple?

"More so solid, yes to zippers and no pink!"

9.What is your main goal in life?

"Success, happiness, and good health for my family and I."