Designer & Founder

Sophie Jaworski grew up in Paris to parents that took her traveling around the world. As a young girl she had seen a large part of the globe, having visited Italy, Brazil, Egypt, Hong Kong, Japan, and also the United States. She continues her childhood tradition with her daughter, drawing inspiration for Sierra Julian through her travels.


After graduating from university, Sophie began working in womenswear. In 2000, she arrived to New York where she started her career designing luxury children’s fashion. She worked for the leading names in the industry, such as Bonpoint and Groupe Zannier. While at Groupe Zannier, she achieved great success by advancing the popularity of the subsidiary all across the nation. She facilitated the brand’s debut in the United States, opening several showrooms. After many years with Groupe Zannier Sophie decided to honor her own dreams of creating her own brand.


On January 1st of 2010 Sierra Julian was founded. In just 6 months Sophie built her entire brand from the ground up and sold to her first client by July that same year. Now, Sophie continues her obsession with high quality clothing by designing childrenswear, displaying a unique approach in every collection released by Sierra Julian.