Sierra Julian is a luxurious, contemporary children's wear brand that is passionate for outfitting boys and girls
ages 6 months to 12 years of age.  


"Globe Trot The World With Sierra Julian"


Traveling the world is the main inspiration of our collections. A different style for every city and the right wardrobe that fits each lifestyle. Today we dress for New York, tomorrow for Rome and during the weekend for Harbor Island.


Sierra Julian follows you and your destination, dressing your child in superb quality and impeccable taste. Urban Contemporary Fitted pants with a fresh Pima Tee shirt and a Zipped-Trimmed Leather jacket in New York. We offer the perfect Summer-Cocktail dress in radiant colors for a cool drink at Piazza de Spagna or a light-Spring jacket for a pink sand beach...


Sierra Julian's pieces are designed to target every moment in a child's life...From school to the playground, from the beach party to the the first holiday vacation, from the fancy restaurant to the Opera.

The French-born designer and Founder, Sophie Jaworski,  designs every piece with unique taste, impeccable style, and superb quality to deliver exclusivity and value in the wardrobe of every child and their particular lifestyle.